Act of surrender to the Saint Michael the Archangel

The most glorious prince of the angelic hosts, 
valiant warrior of the Most High, 
zealous lover of God’s glory, 
terror of rebellious angels, 
love and delight of righteous Angels 
Saint Michael the Archangel, 
desiring to be among your devotees, 
I offer myself to You. 
I put myself, my work, 
my family, my friends and what belongs to me 
under your vigilant protection. 
Being a poor sinner, my sacrifice is poor, 
but you will not despise my heart. 
Remember that from now on 
I am under Your special protection, 
so please, assist me throughout my life. 
Obtain for me the forgiveness of my many and grave sins, the grace to cherish with all my heart my God, 
dear Saviour Jesus Christ, 
the sweetest Mother Mary 
and all people, my brothers, 
beloved by God the Father and redeemed by God’s Son. Plead for all the help I need 
to receive the crown of heavenly glory. 
Always defend me from the enemies of my soul 
especially in the last moment of my life. 
Come to my help, oh glorious Archangel, 
assist me in the struggle 
and reject away from me, in the abysses of Hell
that arrogant and proud angel 
whom you defeated and humiliated 
during the celestial battle. 
Lead me to the Throne of God the Most High, 
that I may praise with You, Saint Michael the Archangel, 
and with all the Angels, honour, glory and thanksgiving 
to Him who lives and reigns forever and ever.


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